Band-tailed Pigeons at WildCare

 This Band-tailed Pigeon (also known as a wood pigeon) came to WildCare with an injured shoulder. He was rescued in Novato and brought to WildCare on January 7. Our veterinarian, Dr. Sorem, examined the bird and found that, although … Continued

Turkey Caught in Fence

 In this video Dr. Sorem gives the turkey medications for pain, inflammation and infection.   The vast majority of the animal patients brought to WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital arrive as a direct result of negative interactions with humans, our pets, … Continued

Rattlesnake Stuck to a Glue Trap

This rattlesnake got stuck on a glue trap and would have died a slow and painful death if he hadn’t been rescued. NEVER use glue traps! They are indiscriminate killers and every animal stuck to one dies slowly and in … Continued

Wildlife in Autumn

What’s happening with wildlife this fall? Here are a few of the questions our Living with Wildlife Hotline operators are responding to right now: 1. “My neighbors have decorated their yard for Halloween. Can decorations harm wildlife?” Yes! Halloween and … Continued

Squirrel Release Site Criteria

WildCare is having a VERY busy second baby squirrel season with over 80 babies currently in care! Once these babies have grown up, we need safe and appropriate release sites for them. Unfortunately, due to the number of squirrels we’ve … Continued

Squirrel Dentition

 It’s raining squirrels This year’s second brood of baby squirrels continues to arrive at WildCare in record numbers! Last year, from August 1 – September 10, 2019 we admitted 70 baby squirrels. This year, over the same date range, … Continued

Vladimir the Turkey Vulture

Behind the Scenes with Vladimir the Turkey Vulture – July 15, 2020 While everyone was sheltering in place the past months, Vladimir, WildCare’s Wildlife Ambassador Turkey Vulture, was doing some homemaking of his own. Vladimir has been at WildCare for … Continued

Famous Osprey Recovering at WildCare

   As you probably know, WildCare doesn’t name our Wildlife Hospital patients (not least because we admit over 3,500 of them a year!) but this fledgling Osprey arrived already dubbed with a name. He’s known as Tam, one of … Continued

Baby Gray Fox Survives Cold Water Swim

 Rescuer Matt took this video of the fox kit on his family’s swim mat as they waited for transportation to WildCare. The weeks-old Gray Fox kit was probably playing with siblings near their den when he took a frightening … Continued