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WildCare Takes a Stand

When legislative policies or human behaviors threaten the welfare of wildlife in the Bay Area, WildCare takes a stand — and helps you do so, too. Join us in speaking out for positive change for the environment and the world we share with wildlife.

Current Take Action Alerts


Dumping of Rodenticides on the Farallon Islands

WildCare strongly opposes the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to eradicate non-native mice from the islands with aerial dumping of “Brodifacoum-25D Conservation” rodenticide. Read more…


Trim Trees and Shrubbery in Autumn, Not Spring

During the spring and summer months, our hospital is full of orphaned baby animals who need round-the-clock care. Some of these animals have lost their parents while others have lost their homes to ill-timed tree trimming. Please do your part to help nesting birds by waiting to trim your trees until summer, after babies have fledged! Click here to learn more…


Help WildCare Pursue Tighter Restrictions on Rodenticide Use

Learn about WildCare’s work to combat the use of rat poisons! Our extensive testing of predatory wildlife since 2006 has helped entities from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation to the United States Environmental Protection Agency prove the risks to hawks, owls, foxes, raccoons and other rodent-eating wildlife from these deadly toxins.

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Runner and deer. Photo by Trish Carney trishcarney.com

WildCare Opposes the Sterilization of Local Deer

A vocal group in the small community of Belvedere, California is calling for the sterilization of does (female deer) in a herd that is frequently seen by residents. Reaction to the deer is mixed, as is the question of whether there are too many deer in the area. WildCare has significant concerns about the safety and efficacy of the proposed sterilization methods.

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Ongoing Advocacy Issues



WildCare’s Fishing Line Recycling Program Saves Lives

Every year WildCare accepts hundreds of animal patients that have been tangled in fishing line, fishing hooks or other manmade plastics. The injuries sustained by tangled animals are both terrible and preventable. Click to learn more about our fishing line recycling program!


Is Your Shopping List Killing Songbirds?

One of the easiest things we can do to help wildlife and ourselves is to shop wisely. The imported fruits and vegetables found in our shopping carts in winter and early spring are grown with types and amounts of pesticides that would often be illegal in the United States. Learn more…


Help Stop the Use of Glue and Sticky Traps

WildCare is taking a stand against the use of glue or “sticky” traps for pest rodent control. These traps are not only ineffective, they are unbelievably cruel to both the target animals caught, and to non-target animals accidentally stuck like songbirds and small pets. Click to learn more…