Administrative Telephone 415-453-1000 (see staff extensions below)

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Executive Director:

Ellyn Weisel, Executive Director (x15)

Communications / Media Contact:

Alison Hermance, Director of Communications and Marketing (x24)
(Contact for media and public relations, guest speakers, marketing)


Lacey Babnik, Director of Development (x37)

Marian Eschen, Events and Special Projects (x11)

Joanne Grantz, Development Associate (x28)

Nicole Trautsch, Stewardship Manager (x31)


Eileen Jones, Director of Education (x12)

Kate Lynch, Education Program Coordinator (x19)

Melissa Tofflemoyer, Ambassador Program Manager (x16)

Kaija Ollikainen, Education Specialist (x30)


Bob Kendall, Director of Finance (x34)

Daniel Etling, Accounting Specialist (x13)

Hungry Owl Project:

Jacqueline Lewis, Hungry Owl Project Manager (x35)

Living with Wildlife Hotline 415-456-SAVE (7283):

Wildlife Services Representatives (x10)

Barbara Pritchard
Suzanne Egan
Haley Gee

Wildlife Hospital:

Melanie Piazza, Director of Animal Care (x14)

Juliana Sorem, DVM (x27)

Brittany Morse, Clinic Manager (x18)

Lucy Stevenot, Birdroom Manager (x32)

Wildlife Technicians (x10)

Jacqueline Lewis x35
Janet Sinnicks
Amber Fua



Volunteer Department:

Brenna Maillet, Volunteer Manager (x21)


Alison Hermance, Webmaster (x24)

Wildlife Advocacy:

Alison Hermance, Director of Communications and Marketing (x24)


General Contact Information:

Living with Wildlife Hotline: 415-456-7283

Administrative telephone: 415-453-1000

Administrative fax: 415-456-0594

Administrative email:
(note: this email may not be checked on weekends. If you have an animal emergency, please call our Hotline at 415-456-7283)

Address: WildCare, 76 Albert Park Lane, San Rafael, CA 94901